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    So I've recently been thrilled to discover that I can play mp3s from my T650 through my stereo using a y-cable.

    And I've even more recently discovered that I can actually make video work on my T650 and the quality be spectacular!

    Got me wondering...can I play movies (I use TCPMP) from my phone through a TV set using some cable?

    In other words, can I jack my treo into my TV like a DVD player somehow?

    Because that would be insane....
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    There are VGA adaptors that would probably work, but the video would look like crap because it's formatted for Treo's little screen, rather than a 20-60 inch television screen.
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    Dang! I guess that makes sense.
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    I don't know actually. 320 lines isn't too bad for a TV picture, considering a VHS video only has about 260 lines resolution and we all used that for years.
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    That's a thought, checkmate. I don't know what the heck you're talking about, but it's a thought!

    So what cable would I use to do it?

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