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    being a moderator does not take away your right to have an opinion.

    The stupid comment was an error message that Mark was suggesting to make slinky's phone better. He didnt call slinky stupid. I thought it was funny and got exactly what he meant. And yes I think he was implying some stupidity, but he was dead on. Who elses job is it to remember the sd card?

    gfunk is right and your posts complaining about the mods are no better than 'this thread is a waste'.

    And lastly what makes anyone here think they have the right to tell anyone else not to post their opinion in a thread? Mods aside, no one has any business telling anyone else to stop posting a different viewpoint. That is arrogant and makes the folks doing it look like a horses arse. And ttrundle if you think I am calling you a horses arse, you'd be right. you telling gfunk not to contribute because he thinks this is silly is just plain rude. You could have disagreed with him without acting like it's your decision who should contribute.

    If this gets me banned so be it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraOrdinaryJo
    This is both the funniest and most pathetic statement I have read in a long time. Palm caused you emotional distress? How? By forcing you to buy a device that did not have the hardware requirements to meet your extroardinary needs?

    The mentality expressed in your statement makes me sick to my stomache. This country is far too litigious. It is ONE of our biggest downfalls. Perhaps palm should be able to sue users who cannot follow simple directions? That makes just as much sense to me.
    Two thumbs up, EOJ! I totally agree.

    People that want to sue like that...makes me wish for...
    Meh, let me not say that. That could make the paper monkeys way too happy.
    I will serve this country, and uphold it's system of government - which happens to be democracy. But this sue everyone nonsense...please.

    Sue Palm...Palm should sue anyone that can't set up a Treo and allocate memory properly and responsibly.

    You want simplistic, get yourself a Sidekick, I say.

    This is not a flame. The Treo - scratch that, ALL Treo's, are the power users' power device. This is not a Nokia 1100.
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    This thread seems to have come to the point where it's more about personalities than the Treo 650. Closing.
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