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    i am trying to listen to web radio, but the plugins for real player for the particular site ( don't seem to load. i do not think the treo 650 blazer can handle these plugins. any idea how i can listen to web radio where the web page has a plugin that loads ?

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    I recommend doing a search before posting. Tons of coverage on the various streaming issues on the multimedia forum.

    Real format does not stream via the Treo's realplayer. It also doesn't work via the Blazer browser links.

    I suggest emailing the station and ask them to also provide MP3 formatted streaming formats like .m3u. This way you can use pTunes or TCPMP to play the files.

    This is more of a licensing issue than it is a technical one.


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    thx. had tried searching without much luck,

    i didn't see the multimedia forum.


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