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    Hi all,

    I just got my Treo650.
    I have two computers ... one at work and one at home.
    I would like to keep all of them synchronized (Treo, and the two computers). But, I don't want to make one of the computer to be a slave. I want to be able to modify and create contacts, calendar, task in any of the computers and get all devices in sync.

    I know that the standard HotSync software that comes with the Treo cannot do this.
    Can PocketMirror do it? There is no trial version of the PocketMirror Professional XT, so I can't test it.
    Appreciate input from anyone who has ever done this before.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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    Standard Hotsynch can do this - there is a check box item for the Outlook conduits (as compared to the Desktop conduits) that allows synching to multiple PCs but I don;t use it yet....
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    I sync to Palm Desktop at home and Outlook (calendar only) at work using the standard Hotsync software. I don't recall having to do anything special.
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    Same here, except I sync everything on my T650 to Outlook on my home and office computers and can enter and modify data on either computer and the T650. My office is running Win 2000 with an older version of Outlook and at home I run Win XP with Outlook 2003. I do occassionally get a message after a sync that there is a duplicate entry and I should delete one. This seems to happen if I modify an entry on both the office and home computers before I sync. Also, after I sync at home, I get a message when I sync at the office that I have synced on another computer and if I'm using Outlook Exchange, I may end up with duplicate entries. Since I'm not using Exchange, it hasn't been a problem.

    The great thing about this setup is I have a complete backup of everything on two computers. Add the Backupman nightly backup and I have three backups. This has actually come in handy when I'm adding and deleting apps on the T650 and screw it up.
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    Thanks all!
    Will check out that setting in the standard HotSync software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dshooter
    Thanks all!
    Will check out that setting in the standard HotSync software.
    It is hidden so let give you some guidance to where it is at.

    Right click HotSync in systray

    Click custom>Click Calendar>Click change>Click settings>Click Enable Sync with multiple PCs.


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