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    Tem, since your done this, how has your reset frequency been?

    I saw your message that you went 1 week w/o a reset. How about now?

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    Well I never had resets before I did my ROM and I still dont
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    Thanks for the wonderful step-by-step directions, Tem! It was the most clear and straight-forward I've found so far. I managed to successfully create a custom ROM. The only thing I forgot to remove was the "Welcome" app

    I also noticed, using Verizon's new 1.04 ROM, that it still says 1.03 with a custom ROM. Strange.
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    Thats Awesome!!! Thats what I love to hear

    Did you try to open the welcom application?

    It has been my experience that Shadowmite either hasn't identified the file to remove or its not safe or not possible to remove the file that is the welcome application icon. But I opened that welcome application and on my device it was empty. So the files that Shadow listed as safe to remove took out the contents (tutorial) to make room for adding our stuff.
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    No..The Welcome app still runs like normal. I didn't see anything in the filelist.pdf that tells me which prc held that information ....
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    Thanks for taking the time to do this for everyone's benefit. Very cool.

    I have two questions:

    1) Anything wrong with using the same steps but restoring from a backup program instead? (Does restoring by syncing restore EVERYTHING exactly as it was? Maybe its me. I always prefer to use BackUpBuddy).

    2) Why did you have to put all your regs codes in again?

    Thanks again
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    Restoring from back-up is more of a completes restoration than restoring from the desktop. If you prefer to restore from the back-up I would suggest a selective restore since you wouldn't want to restore preferences databases and setting for applications that aren't there any more. Also you wouldn't want to restore the saved preference file since to contains information on most files on the internal memory. I didn't restore my saved preference file because I felt it was necessary to put out the extra effort of reconfiguring applications and re-entering registration codes to ensure a cleaner beginning with my new ROM.

    However if you have RescoExplorer file manager you could open up the saved preference file and remove the information relating to applications your not restoring along with the unknown files whose IDs relate to applications your not restoring.

    This to me seems like more work and chances a less clean beginning with your new ROM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhpt
    No..The Welcome app still runs like normal. I didn't see anything in the filelist.pdf that tells me which prc held that information ....
    When I open it goes through the touch screen calibration and asks about network time then asks if I want to run through "Tips", if I say yes it says "error" because there's nothing there since I removed the 6 "Tutorial" files listed in Shadowmites pdf.
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    Trying to update to 1.43ROM, all was working fine. Firmware was updated but rom says an error.
    I tried to update rom from the SD launching the Rom Updater but after some text, the Treo resetted and the screen turns off and on quickly!
    If I press Hot sync button it stops flashing and goes to BootLoader (rainbow screen) but then? can I resume the loading?
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    I got that screen once when I incorrectly did a zero out reset. Have you tried doing a reset? Or hard reset? Or zero out reset?

    I have read of users not being able to do updates at all and returning their unit.

    Have you been able to do an update before?

    I recommend reading through all the steps again including directions at Shadowmites and MTDN. I would not try to pick up where you left off. Delete every thing and start over.
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    I bought my wife a Treo 650 and made her a ROM, put all the software on there I knew she would use and It came out perfect. I tried to set chatter up yesterday and couldn't get chatter to work........

    I figures the 2 files that related to VersaMail and Exchange must have been needed so I made her another ROM. I got an error messages when flashing so I deleted all and started over. It took, but then at the end when you hard reset, it just keep resetting, (reset loop).

    Ive tried to talk to it through the boot-loader but Shadow hasn't got all that figured out as far as I know. I have done a zero out reset. I did a warm reset but since there isn't a 3rd party launcher in the ROM I cant get to the card to restore another ROM.It is always a good idea to put a 3rd party Launcher in ROM for this reason. Sometimes when your ROM is toast it allows you to launch the 3rd party launcher threw a phone favorites then run a new ROM updater. I tried a few other tricks but it looks like its permanently toast. I'm going to run and buy her another one today but I'm going to keep this one for spare parts. I already transplanted the perfect scratch-less housing over to replace my scratched up housing on my phone.

    I did everything right. Every file was fresh. I was extremely careful. This would have been the 4th one I made.

    So I cant stress enough that a user has to decide for themselves that it is OK for them if the phone ends up fried and it helps to also decide what your going to do beforehand, (buy something different, commit insurance fraud, buy another 650,,,etc..) I don't recommend insurance fraud, that's up to 20 years in prison.
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    as far as restoring from either a backup or resyncing after a custom ROM, i wouldnt recommend either. Youre just going to move back over any garbage that was eating up memory and possibly causing problems. Just reinstall your apps one by one and reregister them. This way you have as clean a treo as possible.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    Well I just got home from Sprint. I told them that I fried my phone and I asked if they could send it to P1 to get it reflashed. I know P1 can do it threw the bootloader. They took it in the back and brought out a referb. Free of charge. Thank goodness
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    While setting up my wife's new phone i figured out why her first phone went into reset-loop-hell with the new custom ROM.

    This is really important!!!
    I couldn't go to the backup folder in step 17 because the prcs I wanted to put in my wife's ROM were in my ROM so they would be in the archive folder instead of the backup folder because ROM prcs aren't backed up with the palm desktop.

    So instead of going into the archive folder and potentially pulling up a old version of an application I downloaded new applications and saved them to a new folder on the desktop. What I didn't realize was that the BugMe NotePad prc was one of those nutshell installers and not just a standard prc. A NutShell Installer cannot go in ROM!!!

    If you have'nt ever seen one of these it looks like a normal prc but when you tap it for the first time after installation it says Nutshell Installer then it loads on the PDA then it runs like any other prc thereafter.

    The best way to avoid this is to follow step 17 in only pulling files from the backup. If the file is not available in the backup you can pull it from the archive folder next to the backup folder. If the file is not available there you should run the file on the pda first to make sur it is not a Nutshell Installer. If it is, run it in the internal memory, then the normal prc will be in backup.

    The only programs that I have ever downloaded that were Nutshell Installers were SnapperMail and BugMe NotePad but I'm sure there are many more out there.
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    Thanks for the guide! Yes I am working on my "custom" ROM now and since your steps are so clear I can finally do it myself!

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    I had a request to explain more on the file structure of the card when you place the ROM and PALM folder on the card. There is a detailed description at the end of step 19 but if it helps here is a picture. Do you think Pixar will be calling soon to get me on animating movies cause I'm wicked good with photoshop
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    I followed your instructions and did one, then another, custom ROM. I wish Shadowmite (or someone) would update the list of delete-able files in the Verizon ROM (his list is intended for Sprint phones). I took a chance and hacked away at Wireless Sync (which I hope can be replaced in RAM through the update to WS on VZ's website) and replaced the default launcher with LauncherX (much better). Eliminated the tutorial but that annoying "Welcome" program is still there. What a relief to delete Realplayer! What else could safely be removed?

    8 mgs (total) isn't much to work with -- hard to squeeze more than a few programs into ROM beyond what's already there. Can MMS and SMS be deleted if Agendus or some other program is designated to handle them? "CardInfo" needs to go.

    Has anyone else done some hacking away at the VZ Rom?
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    I've never taken out anything that wasnt on Shadowmites list. I also couldn't get rid of the welcome icon either. I'm glad you found the info useful I took great pleasure in putting it out there
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    Lotsa resets & odd behavior now in my poor Palm. I brought it on myself -- maybe. LauncherX has been fairly decent in ROM as a replacement for the default launcher (which i deleted), and it still allows me to move (and run) applications from the SD card. However, it will only allow me to create one "shortcut" to an application on the SD card. If I try to create more than one "shortcut" to an application (for those applications that need to sync, such as Pocket Quicken), my Treo resets. Not to mention it forgets how the touchscreen is calibrated once it resets! I have to recalibrate it now every time it resets, or it doesn't respond properly to my stylus.

    More to come...
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    I have heard many say that they have never had luck replacing the built in launcher.

    Line 23 here

    If it were me. I would make another ROM and leave the default launcher in there.
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