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    All you need is in the first post. No need to read other threads, other sites or the rest of the posts in this thread.

    Island boy,,, I have you beat,,,, I can make a perfect custom ROM in 15 minutes

    If anyone is overwhelmed by the idea of it I can make them a custom ROM, zip it up and email it to them in my spare time.

    Between full time college, the gym, full time work, full time kids and blissfully hanging on my wife's every word....
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    Thanks so much for this post... had a *long* day in the ER... you gave me a great chuckle at the end of it!
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    Wow!!!,,,,, that got some PMs,,,,

    I will try to respond to the PMs daily. I can email a stripped ROM every other day at least and custom ROMs once or twice a week. Unless I get to busy.

    I don't mind. This stuff is fun for me but I am a pretty busy person.

    Like Perry says,,, Cheers
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    I feel really stupid...could you please explain what a custom ROM is and why I would want one?
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    Well use to back in the day you could take files in and out of ROM. ROM is the area of memory that we cant touch. Palmone and your carrier put files in there.

    Some of these files are spam like get good. Some of these files are junk programs that dont work well like versamail. Some of these files are just a waste of space like real player.

    With the advent of new devices makers try their best to prevent users from messing with the ROM. Shadowmite made a tool that allows us to create a rom free of the stuff we dont want which allows us to put in the stuff we do want which saves space in RAM.

    So I and many others take 4 megs of junk out of ROM and put 4 megs of our RAM apps in ROM thus saving ourselves from dealing with junk we dont want and making more room for the stuff we do want.
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    Programs like Brayder's JackFlash and JackSprat did that with some of the older Palm devices. JackSprat let you delete almost any file in ROM and JackFlash let you put files into ROM. Sigh... Those were the good old days of Palm.

    Too bad they don't work with these new NVFS devices.
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    Thanks for the explanation! So what does it mean to make someone a custom rom and email it to them as a .zip file?
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    Well a few of the steps in the ROM process are tricky. If someone just couldn't do it, I don't mind putting 1 or 2 together a week. They would unzip the file on their computer, change the name of the palm folder on their card then drop the palm and ROM folder from the zip to their card via a card reader then they would launch the updater on the Treo from their card they they would run the other prog ant type ace, enter, cv t2, enter.

    They would still have to pick up on the steps after placing the folders on the card but that is a lot easier than starting from the beginning.

    However essentially they would be trusting me not to fry their Treo
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    Like TEM, if anyone needs help building a custom rom and is hesitant about making one I'll be glad to throw one together and email it out. I've done about 9 or 10 of them now on my phone; I won't take responsibility for your phone if it turns in to a paper weight since it's a risk we all take when we flash the ROM. Shoot me a PM or email me at I've not done the 1.13A myself yet so untill I get a solid version of that working on my phone I can't help ya there

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    I just created a custom rom based off of the latest Sprint 1.13 rom. When creating it, I removed almost all of the files from Shadowmite's Filelist and now, everytime I click on Agendus, it resets my Treo650!

    Is there something I've removed from the base rom that Agendus needs? (Note: I did not install Agendus to Rom).

    Thanks in advance!
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    The only way to know is to hard reset then DL agendas over the air or copy it from a card to internal, remove the card and try to recreate the reset.
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    Hey Tem, I haven't checked the thread in a while. Looks like you're swimming in ROMS to build. I have a few unloaded Cingular ROMS I've built if people need them. They've all worked for me but no guarantees of course.

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    I think I scared them off with the "fry your phone" disclaimer I havent received any PMs after 1/31

    I think users are guessing they'll move to a Treo with more RAM shortly, 700p

    I have every application I need and 25 megs of RAM left with my PPC 6700 I miss Palm but I dont miss the lack of RAM.
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    Sill don't see an answer to the post from IsLNdbOi regarding the extra 2 files:


    Anyone have an answer? I'm going to try to include them as per the instructions and see what happens. I'll post my findings.
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    FYI -

    As per rayban at Shadowmite's site, backup your phone, etc. Run the firmware update first. Then follow procedures to custom rom, deleting the extra 2 files from the 1.13 update.
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    I did not delete those two files and have not had any problems at all with my custom. I took out most of the files that Shadow had labeled as okay to delete in his .PDF file from his website and added about half a dozen of my apps.
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    Thanks for the excellent instructions. I have used custom ROMs in the past, but this is the first time I had to make my own. I took out most of the files Shadowmite says can be removed, removed the FAT16 driver, and added the following fonts and programs:

    FAT32 driver, Snap, PowerRun, Fonts4OS5, CardExport2, mVoice, Bugme, Uninstall Manager, Resco Explorer, KB Lightsoff, NimbusSans_14_aa_ker, and Sans_Seriff 22

    Between the custom ROM and PowerRun, I have 17.4 Mb free now. That's more than enough memory to put Xiino and WebPro back in RAM with 1MB caches. I use those programs more than any other.
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    Took me a while, but I finally found this thread on custom roms, including Verizon. Didn't see this link in the first twelve pages.

    And others have asked about Verizon Wireless Sync. Sure would be nice to get rid of that but does anyone know which files to delete?
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    The files for the Verizon mail and wireless sync are mail.prc and syncclient.prc. Deleted those and the Wireless Sync is gone. Great.
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    I need some help here...ive been at this for 2 days now and i cant seem to get it.

    I tried following the instructions but for some reason my "Install" folder under my username in the palmone folder never gets any files in it when i try to do the upgrade. instead i think the upgrade just copies the files directly to the treo. anyway, i searched my computer for some of those files that were shown in the picture and i found them in "c:\backup\temp007\" folder so i thought i could run the java step from there....except no, instead i get:
    exception in thread "main" <the system cannot find the file specified>
    at <native method>
    at<init><unknown source>
    at<init><unknown source>
    at T3.pdb<>
    at T3.main<>

    as mentioned before in this topic......but i cant fix it......can anybody help me out on this one? or give me possibly another way to go about this? or even why i dont get the files in the "Install" folder?

    i have an unlocked gsm treo
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