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    I searched and couldn't find an answer.

    I'm frustrated with the way the 650 seems to handle photos when synching with Palm Desktop. Here's how it worked on the 600:

    When I synced, a copy of the photo was put in the Treo Pictures folder on my desktop. I could then delete the photo from my 600 or move it to the card without affecting the copy on my desktop.

    Now, I sync the photos and they go to the offline copy folder on my desktop. I can no longer move the photos to the card but I must copy and then delete from the internal memory. Right there I have a problem. Two steps instead of one. But the bigger problem is that the sync actually syncs the photo folders so that now if I remove the picture from my 650 after a sync and then sync again, I lose the photo from my desktop! Sure I can just keep them on my card so that they remain on my desktop but I will eventually fill my card. I'd like a permanent offline copy of my photos without worrying about whether I have deleted them from my 650.

    Any suggestions? Am I missing something? Do I now have to manually back up my offline photo folder to another location so that I can clear photos off my phone without losing them?

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    Hey Jason... I'm in PHX... Sorry - this really doesn't help you, but I cannot even get my photo's to sync from the Treo 650 to the desktop!

    I tried to move my exisiting setting from my T5 to my Treo... that caused problems so I wiped everything and reinstalled. When I did that, somehow I lost the default ability to sync photos period!

    Anyone have an idea how to get them to sync again?

    PHX, AZ
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    You are right about the 650 now poorly handles pictures.

    I now leave them on my SD card, but it's not very good compared to the way it worked on the 600 ?
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    After reading the manual I found that this is what is supposed to happen:

    • To find all synchronized images, look in: C:\Program
      Files\palmOne\<User folder>\Photos\offline copy location
    • To find your captured pictures, look in: C:\Documents and Settings\<User
      name>\My Documents\My Pictures\palmOne Photos\<User Folder>
    • To find your captured videos, look in: C:\Documents and Settings\<User
      name>\My Documents\My Videos\palmOne Videos\<User Folder>
    Seems to work that way most of the time.

    You may want to uninstall and reinstall again to try to get your conduit back.

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    I did not find any of the following folders:
    C:\Program Files\palmOne\<User folder>\Photos\offline copy location
    C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\My Documents\My Pictures\palmOne Photos\<User Folder>
    C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\My Documents\My Videos\palmOne Videos\<User Folder>

    please help. i would like to copy or make sure the photos in my treo650 has a copy in the desktop before I do a hardreset. However I looked at the folders that they are supposed to be in but I cant find those folders. Please help

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