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    Hi there.
    New Treo user with a simple question.
    I just installed a SD card and as I am putting files on it I realized that it is just a big storage area, with no apparent organization.
    In the 650 memory I can of course make 'folders' to put things in.
    Is there any way to do this on the SD card?

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    Sure. Many apps (Real Player, Pocket Tunes, Docs to Go, Pics & Videos, etc.) automatically create folders for their own files. I'm pretty sure FileZ will let you creat folders too. If you use a card launcher such as PowerRun or ZLauncher (musts in my opinion), they'll create app-specific folders for the apps you move to the card. Finally, you can use the card as a removable drive on your PC with either a card reader or the Palm app Card Export II and manage folders just like any other Windows drive.
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    You can't create folders in internal memory. The files all just sit in one big pool.

    On the sd card, you should know that there are some standard folders that Palm recognizes.

    Photos go in /DCIM

    The general apps that Palm recognizes are in /Palm/Launcher
    (That's another big pool of files.)

    Apps that make folders for themselves usually do that in /Palm/Programs

    There are others...
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    Yes I know that 'folders' are not created, but rather the apps are categorized, but I called them 'folders' cause they were organized.

    Thanks for all tyhe help I will look at the FileZ application.

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