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    I receive my bluetooth headset about a week now and I notice the battery running out after 30 minutes to an hour of no use or just opening it 2 or 3 times. The headset doens't turn on at all after that. I charged it for 2 hours before I even use it.

    I also notice it doesn't turn on when I open the boom or I open the boom and it doesn't activate my Treo 650.

    I plan on returning it soon but I want to see if anyone here can help me. Thanks.
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    i actually have seena few of these come back, same problems. usually a new one is the cure.
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    I noticed with mine that it wanted to be charged for 8 hours the first few times. It now hangs in there for 10 hours of steady talk time. Ben
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    Exactly the same thing I was also losing its pairing alot but now it works like a champ
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    I have a Verizon Treo 650 with HS850 bluetooth using VoiceDial software. according to treo support, they say that voicedial software does not allow bluetooth to active the voice feature so that you can say your commands via bluetooth vice the wired ear/mic. They also say that maybe in a future enhancement this option will be available. Has anyone tried to speak voice command via bluetooth or activate this features by bluetooth button?
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    Actually, my bluetooth headset doesn't hold the power after 30 minutes of non use. I would open the boom once in a while but I never got to talk on the headset for more than 2 minutes. It dies out completely even with the boom closed. I think the battery is defective.

    Does anyone know if heat can make the battery lose power? I notice when I got the package, it was very warm to the touch. It was in a FedEx truck and I am wondering the constant shakes and heat might have destroyed the battery. Maybe that's why cell phone dealers always say do not leave your cell phone in your car. Does anyone know?
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    My first 850 lost its charge overnight despite not using it. The second worked well during my 12 hour ride from houston to austin evacuating during the hurricane. It would even redial and automatically connect to the treo. After it stopped performing advanced features (after the 12 hour drive), I got a 3rd unit. This one paired well and had advanced feature functionality for about 2 to 3 weeks before I recharged it and then redial and automatic connect stopped working. I exchanged it for a Jabra BT350. This device has worked well for the past week. When it lost advanced functionality, repairing it corrected the problem. I would stick to Jabra with Palm for now.
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    Mine did the same thing. I would talk on it for no more than an hour in a day and then keep it on and off theroughout the day. I took it back and exchanged it for another one and the chrage is decent, but nothing like my scala or logitech was. I am planning on returning it and picking up the new scala 500. Besides battery, quality and volume is poor and it does not auto-connect (which is nice sometimes, but I would rather have it auto-connect and me choose not to use than the other way around).
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    My HS810 worked great with voice dial. I just bought the HS850 I will try it and let you know how it works.
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