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    Is anyone using Migo Is it worth the $40? This program brings your home pc files to another MS Office enabled pc. It is supposed to be Treo compatible.
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    I would go with filepoint over that...cheaper and easier to use. The wireless version lets you copy any file from your home computer to your Treo's SD card.
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    Interested in Migo too, but it looks like it doesn't support non-Microsoft browsers or email clients, and is basically POP3 only. Very excited about the possibilities coming down the road thru software like this, but I may need to wait a year or so until it's a bit more robust. My Treo already has my calendar and email on it -- I'd love to be able to plug it into any computer and access those functions plus my browser bookmarks and a reasonable number of files. If anyone on this forum tries it, I'd love to see a review. I'm a bit suspicious that it claims Treo compatibility but not Palm OS compatibility and is not compatible with other PDA OS's.

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