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    Is there anyone out there that has had any luck checking their e-mail, etc... on a Microsoft outlook exchange server remotely using a modem, cell phone connection, omnisky or YadaYada?

    At my office we have a LAN and use microsoft outlook exchange on our server. On a PC from home or otherwise, I can call up our microsoft exchange on a web page and log in with my password and username. I then have access to my e-mail, calender, etc... I have tried just logging in this way using proxiweb, and I do get to the first web page and put my user name in. But instead of going to the log in box for password next, I get an error message about Java. I assume the next part requires Java and my visor and proxiweb can't do that. But I'm thinking if our e-mail is out there on a web page anyway, shouldn't there be a way to check it with Eudora or some other mail program for a PDA?

    Anyone have any ideas????

    Marcy Fields
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    You need to find out if your company's Exchange (MSX) server has POP3 or IMAP4 turned on. If so, you can use an app like MultiMail to access your email.
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    Thanks James. Our MIS/computer guy says the POP3 is on. I set up the incoming and outgoing mail server the same as i did for Yahoo ( it is not finding it. I'm not exactly sure how our incoming mail server is configured. We also have a firewall. I'm using eudora, but I assume it should work the same as multimail? I'll keep trying!

    Marcy Fields
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    I had the same problem. I was able to solve it by leaving my PC on, leaving Oulook running, and then doing a remote hot sync via modem.

    My research indicated that there's no email product out there that would penetrate our firewall in the exchange server, but I could dial right in for the hot sync. Multimail says they are working on an SSL version, but don't have it yet.

    I'm doing it with the Thincom modem. Beware, don't do a complete hot sync: just the mail, or it'll take forever.

    Good luck!

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