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    Doctor, it hurts when I do this. . . .

    Version: Chatteremail 1.1[95:48]. Running in IMAP mode. My webhosting service provides IMAP with IDLE command support., highly recommended by the way.

    Symptoms: email comes in. I read it. Use the 5-way button to navigate to the pull-down menu to the left and select "Delete." Email shows up greyed out, per normal. Count 1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi, 3-Mississippi. Hey! Deleted email was expunged! I didn't want that!

    Patient Self-Diagnosis: go to "Edit Mailbox" then in Account Definition select "Other." "Auto-Expunge After Delete" NOT checked.

    Patient thinks: Huh?

    Related (?) Symptoms: went from free trial version last night to paying customer. Received the magic number by email. Stuck it in the right place. Got positive-reinforcement feedback from Mr. Treo that registration was complete. Went to Menu | Pref | Register and saw that this was a registered copy of Chatteremail. This morning, Chatter reverted to trial version and told me I had 16 days left on my trial period. Remembered the code number (of course I had deleted the email from Marc with the magic number in it) and inserted it, and now Chatter believes itself to be a fully registered version. Let's wait until Mr. Treo has slept overnight to see if it sticks. . . .

    Prognosis for the unwanted auto-expunge after delete?



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    Don't do that... ;-)

    Chatter doesn't do that unless you're moving deleted items to another folder. If an expunge is happening otherwise, it's being initiated at the server.

    You could send a log, if you like. Instructions in the FAQ.


    p.s. Two aspirin wouldn't hurt.

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