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    When a new beta is released do we sync all chatter prc's to the Treo, or just the main chatter prc?

    When I hot sync it says could not install files already exist. When I drag and drop via card reader and move to internal with a file manager sometimes I get a reset.
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    all of them....use menu/z and do it over the air...much simpler
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    All 4 files need to be replaced. I would suggest doing it "over the air". Download the "psi", that's the easiest way.
    Otherwise... I would shut down chatter, I used to always warm reset to be safe, install files via hotsync or from the card. if from the card when told it already exists, hit yes to replace. But no matter how you do it, always reset after the installation or upgrade.
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    I agree that over the air is the best way to upgrade, as the others have said. Just to clarify, that means you don't need to follow a link in the email. Instead, as Dutch said, select the Menu+Z command to upgrade. It's the easiest method by far.
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    Ive never gotten menu+z to work, it always says could not connect.
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    When I get the message could not connect, I go back to chatter and do it again and next time it usually works.
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    I did that and you were right, it downloaded a package installer then downloaded the new chatter beta. Then the home button wouldnt swith between the applications and the card anymore. When I got home I DL the new beta to the desktop computer then drag and dropped via card reader and copied to internal via resco explorer. Now the home button works again. Nuts.

    Thanks for your help ya'll

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