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    My deleted e-mails are still showing up (as grey) on Chatter, and any new e-mails aren't coming through.

    Chatter says "Use Menu-R"

    Just tried my usual Web bookmarks on Blazer and PCS Vison seems to be in some form of Log-in loop, of which I can't log on. I just checked on Sprint"s main page and nothing is posted there either.

    Is it just me having problems? My Sprint Vision was working fine this morning.
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    I had problems with Fastmail and finally switched to AIM's free service.
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    Called Sprint...did a synch and a soft reset...back online. Woo-Hoo!
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    I have seen that numerous times over the 10-11 months I have had my Treo. Each time if I simply do a reset everything works okay.

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