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    I'm looking for a simple freeware program that can do reminder and todo with alarms. I was used to the reminder function in all the Nokia phone and can't seem to find one for the treos. All the datebk or agendus are fee based and too complicated and is overkill for my needs. thanks.
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    Uh..the datebook and tasks apps on the Treo aren't sufficient?
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    the built in apps do this nicely. also try diddlebug. it's actually a app to create and store scribbled drawings but IMO has the best alarm/appointment entry interface I have seen.
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    diddlebug is freeware
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    Down load "Mother" it's the predesesor of "Butler" I like Mother better. I use it with "LED off" and Ringo and get the same results as Butler. I just never liked Butler.
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    diddlebug is awesome - I regret buying Bug me !! Give DB a try - it has alarms
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