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    I finally went ahead and bought a 2gb PQI 133x card. I was pleased to see Treo 600 recognize it just fine and got significant speed advantages.

    I initially took the advice I found here of formatting in DOS. I have to say--that didn't seem to work so well. Formatting in the Treo worked better. It did NOT see all of the space available when formatted in DOS and then inserted into the Treo for use. When formatted in DOS it saw 2gb capacity but said 1gb (of the empty card) was used. Treo formatting fixed this.

    Then I just copied all of the old 1gb card to the new card and seemed ready to go. My theory is that this created tons of problems, perhaps carrying along various indicators pointing back to the old sandisk card that no longer existed. Avantgo was totally confused, and needed to be reinstalled.

    But the real problem came with Docs To Go--which eventually seemed to crash the Treo, etc, causing it to constantly reboot and freeze at the logo. Had to do a hard reset.

    I wound up having reinstall the desktop docs to go--which was not easily done; and then the treo version too. I needed tech support from docs to go to figure out why I couldn't reinstall. WHich then resulted in uninstalling all dtg products as well as palm desktop and reinstalling!

    I reformatted the card (in Treo again) for a clean start and copied over data more carefully this time, reinstalling instead of copying programs that sync like docs to go, splash money, splash photo and avant go.

    Then, finally, all was well.

    Be careful in what you copy over to the new card. I'd suggest deleting all items that sync and reinstalling them....
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    Thanks for the advice, Mark. I was just about to upgrade from a 512 to a 1 gb card, and I was expecting that I could just copy the whole card in Explorer on my PC.

    If I recall, I had some trouble getting as much as possible of DTG moved onto my SD card to conserve Treo memory, so I imagine that re-installing it to a new card will be difficult again. Any recs there?

    Can my entire AUDIO and DCIM folders be copied and will the Treo re-create these directories? And if a program doesn't sync and sits in Palm/Programs and Palm/Launcher, is it safe in your opinion to just copy those files onto the new card?
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    I had no problem copying data--audio, ebooks. I also think programs that don't sync in my experience WERE safe to just copy. THe ones to watch out for were the sync'ers. I think in retrospect, you're better off uninstalling and reinstalling them. Although I had problems only with DTG and AvantGo (that I noticed), I think you'd be safer reinstalling/uninstalling all sync'ers like Spash Photo, too. My theory is that something was looking for the old card by name, couldn't find it, freaked out.

    You need to create the AUDIO directory on the card. I imagine Pocket Tunes might recreate it if reinstalled, but you're not going to be reinstalling it...

    It's easier to do yourself anyway, plus faster to use a card reader to transfer mp3s to it anyway. If you don't have a card reader, you can get one for $20. It makes a big difference. Also, the freeware program Filez acts as Explorer for the PDA and lets you create directories.

    I don't know what DCIM is...?

    The first time I changed cards, going from 512 to 1gb like you, everything worked fine just by copying over. At that time, however, I had an older version of DTG. Maybe it wasn't so sensitive. It may also be relevant that this time I went into byte territory that did not exist when Treo came out---2gb. Maybe that added to the confusion.

    I always had DTG in main memory, with only the documents themselves on the card. Prior to this, I had no problems with it.

    If you run into the problems I had getting DTG to reinstall, or if you can't uninstall it, or if the desktop suddenly stops working, etc, here is their tech support link on the tedious steps necessary to fix this:

    I do think if you uninstall in the first instance from desktop and PDA, you likely won't have a problem.

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    Thanks Mark... I'll be posting right here if things become fubar'd!!
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    I found it I make a folder on my desktop, copy the contents of the "old" card to the folder, and then copy those contents to the "new" card, I have no problems. I also name the "new" card the same as the "old" card. I have done this when I went from 256 to 512 to 1GB to 2GB. I use PowerRun and have many apps on card. I also have Docs to Go on card as well.
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    Different systems may have different effects on this. For instance, DTG suggested that one issue was what version of Palm Desktop I had. They really weren't sure what the problem was.

    Better safe than sorry. An extra 15 minutes of care during the transfer process can save about 6 hours of agony.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    Thanks for the tips. How's that PQI 133X card working for you? How's the speed?

    Do you happen to know the speed equivalent of 133X compared to the Sandisk Ultra II?

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    The PQI is working great now and is obviously WAY faster than the basic San Disk 1 gb I used to use. I don't remember precisely what the comparison is with the SandDIsk Ultra II, but I believe the PQI is considerably faster. As I recall the SanDisk Ultra II is 10mb per second or roughly 60x and the PQI is 20 mbs or 133x--so that would be about twice as fast.

    I was concerned from reading the posts here that I wouldn't get much speed advantage from a fast card, but it sure is way faster than the "regular" 1gb sandisk I used to use, and programs load noticeably quicker.

    I have no financial interest--they are still being sold on ebay for $106 from the same seller usa-promotion.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    I switched cards a while ago and just copied everything from one card to another. I had some issues with PowerRun, AvantGo, etc but most were resolved by selecting the new card in the pref for each app. I did not have any trouble with Docs To Go, but i made sure to move everything back to the palm first using DatavizTec (didnt Perry mention this app once or twice?), after i put the new card in i then moved the DTG components back to the card. Most of the issues I had were due to the fact that the two cards had different volume names. Im pretty sure that if you keep the same name on the card, and possibly move the DTG components to the palm before switching you should be good to go. YMMV
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    My experience with moving from one card to another is to ALWAYS rename the new card the old name. For instance, if the old card is Treo 1, than that ought to be the name for the new one.
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