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    For quite some time now, I have been experiencing multiple data network disconnects...

    My phone is set to stay connected and to autosync numerous email accounts (as well as download other subscription data, such as content). Yet at various times of the day, I can check my phone and discover that GPRS connectivity has dropped--even when I have not physically moved from a stong signal location.

    After numerous (painful) discussions with Sprint's "Data Tech" desk, I was directed to take my 650 to a particular local store for a "diagnostic test" to check for hardware issues.

    I finally got around to that yesterday.

    They made me leave the phone with them for 1 hour. I did so, ran a quick errand and returned early, thus waiting for about the last 20 minutes until, after exactly 1 hour, they handed back my phone.

    The explanation: "The tech updated your software, and downloaded a new PRL."

    Hmmmm. Strange. I had flashed my own firmware (1.12) back upon its original release, and worse, I had specifically noted the PRL version (10028) on my phone prior to drop off and both were still the same when I picked it up. So, based upon the Phone Info data, nothing had changed with my device. A search for new or modified files (using the file manager in zLauncher) gave no additional clues...

    So, what now. It is too soon to determine if my "dropped connections" problem is improved. But, if it is, there will be no logical explanation for it.

    (This outcome would, of course, only reinforce for me my belief that Sprint is detecting persistent data connections and kicking them deliberately.)

    However, if it doesn't improve my situation, I am left with the fact that they lied about even testing my phone, much less actually upgrading its software...and that there is no fix for the persistent data drops.

    I would like to use this thread for others--if any--experiencing the *same* issue to post their experiences...

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    If you run VolumeCare, looks like that may be it.

    As a side note, what does GPRS have to do with Sprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kvcobra
    If you run VolumeCare, looks like that may be it.

    As a side note, what does GPRS have to do with Sprint?
    Please do not jump to this conclusion. VolumeCare is not causing this problem. A phone with no other 3rd party applications loaded but VolumeCare will not have this network connection problem. There are *many* reasons for the connection issue and software is only one of them.

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    I haven't reread all the posts again, so forgive me if this was already discovered.

    This morning I had the same problem of the hanging "sending..." in Blazer with Snappermail working fine. Did several soft resets and same problem.

    Finally I turned on Bluetooth, then turned on DUN, then turned it off. Now the data connection works fine.

    This could explain the problem across different carriers - maybe some wierd anomoly between the NVFS and the BT stack? It never happened with the 600, and just recently began appearing across the 650 lines. It seems plausible to have odd settings change, as I notice my system volume is always set to off, but about every 2-3 weeks it turns on by itself even though the preference still says it's off (I need to toggle it on and off and THEN it stays off for a while before repeating the pattern).

    Hope this helps, feedback appreciated.
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