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    just started happening. can't figure it out. not resetting, just freezing since about 2 days ago and i need to soft reset to get it back. then freezes again after several hours. my 2 gb card is filled but i still have 6 mg on the internal. have not tried the new firmware from china. so nothing i've done that i can remember triggered this.

    any ideas...

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    what third party software do you have?
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    Have you recently updated any of your apps?
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    there are *lots* of threads about this issue, please look around.
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    its normal..install crashpro and see what causing it
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    Mine's isn't freezing, it's rebooting! I'm so tired of retyping stuff or going to find data that's not there anymore after a reboot. I may have to check out crashpro. I suspect it may be an internal memory problem on my unit. When I take numerous pics, I don't like save to the card cuz it takes longer and holds me up.

    I'm in Disneyworld right now on vacation so I'm quickly copying pics and video's to the card just in case it wants to reboot. Sometimes when this happens ALL of my pics are lost. I don't remember having this problem with the 600.
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