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    I just received a hand-me-down Treo 650 (verizon). With the help of this forum, I've got it set up syncing via BT and my g4 PB12".
    First Sync's worked fine. (yesterday). but now it won't actually sync any data between ical and addressbook and the treo.

    No error messages. Hot Sync performs correctly. Apps are installed and backups are done. iSync goes through a very "quick" process where it says it's unpdating information on the handheld. But no syncing is occuring via the iSync conduit. New addresses created/edited on treo do not show up in Address book and vice-versa. Same with iCal. Palm Desktop is really not an option for me becasue I have other apps "tied" to Ical and Addressbook. And it worked the first times....

    Has anyone had this problem? I'm not even gonna bother asking Palm....
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    Update. My M500 Syncs perfectly with iCal and Addressbook via USB cradle.

    (and no, I haven't tried a cable hot sync with the treo b/c I don't have one yet)

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