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    I use and love the push capabilites of Chatter, and am intrigued by the look of Agendus. I see that part of the package is email. A question to those with experience with Agendus, can i use chatter and agendus? Is agendus stable. My treo is just fine, and i don't want to screw it up.

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    I use Agendus v10 (actually v10.01 build 621) and Chatter with no problems. Just be sure to have Chatter set as the default email app in the Palm preferances (HOME>PREFS>DEFAULT APPS), as well as setting it to be the default email app in Agendus (MENU>OPTIONS>PREFERANCES>PROGRAMS). Now, if you dont see Chatter as a selection in Agendus, exit Agendus, run Chatter then go back in Agendus to change the settings noted above.

    One thing to be aware of in Agendus is that the "today" screen in Agendus DOES NOT support email notification for 3rd part email apps. Iambic has promissed to correct this, but I wont hold my breath for it. If having email monitoring on your "today" screen is a must for you, use 2Day from SHSH software. Its a great app and IMHO is superior to the today functions of both Palm OS and Agendus. 2Day also works quite nicely with Agendus.
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