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    Ok, I did a search, but didn't seem to find anything specifically suited to my problem.

    I recently got a Cingular T650. Great, fine..wonderful. of yesterday whenever I try to make a call it has the outgoing screen up, then it just stops and changes back to the phone splash screen. No ringing, no messages. Phone displays full signal, network connection. If I keep trying, sometimes it will work. Also, when people call me, it rings 3 times, then VM. Doesn't show on my phone as an incoming call nor a missed call. basically I have no idea anyone called me, until 20 minutes later when the VM message pops up.

    This seems to have started after I installed Butler, but I'm not sure if that's just coincidence, as I removed it, reset, and the same problem is there. I tried a soft reset, system reset, and a hard reset. Still happening.

    So, is this a phone issue or something funky with Cingular, like it's not getting an open line or the network is messed up? Thought I'd ask you guys before I wasted my time on their ****ty voice response support line.

    version 1.31/1.15CNB
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    I had this exact same problem on my Sprint CDMA phone just a few days (see thread After about 36 hours it just went back to working normally and hasn't had another hiccup yet. I haven't ever used Butler, so maybe it was just a network (or atmospheric?) anomaly?

    ~Jeff Corbets
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    Thanks for the response

    It seems to be working fine now. So yeah, guess it's the network. Usually I get some sort of message saying the call can't go through or something that would make the problem more apparent.

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