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    Hello, all! I'm prefacing my statements here with the fact that I have read through some of the discussions on here before posting, but most refer to SPRINT Treo's. Also a preface: I'm in the corporate help desk for my company, and the CEO personally asked me to look into this; makes me look like a sycophant, but hey...who's going to refuse the CEO??

    Does anyone know about the Cingular Treo 650 (which supports international GSM) in a 2005 BMW 740li that is ready for a SPRINT t650? Is there some way to make the bluetooth work with the Cingular versus the Sprint? Before I hand this off to the IT director, I want some background knowledge.

    Thank you!
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    Did you try to Pair it? What firmware is in the 650? If it is the orginal 01.05/ 1.04cbn then Palm had a car kit update that can be installed on the 650. If it has new firmware this update should be included.
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    Sweet! I'l give that a check...I'm pretty sure it's the original firmware. Initially we had SPRINT too...but they don't have the international capability. I'll let you guys know what I find. Thank you so much, 300!

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