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    My Treo has an average of 6 hours battery life before dying completely. This is after two phone calls and 40 e-mails. The only thing I can think of is that business connect is causing a drain but I have that set to synch every 4 hours.

    It seems that Chatter may be causing the drain. Thoughts? Is there a setting that I have not activated that would cure this?
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    I receive and send emails all day long with Chatter.
    4 accounts: 1 online, one syncs every hour, the other 2 offliine.
    With phonecalls too my battery will last at least for one day.
    Try efficient sync. It made a big difference for me.
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    Tried efficent sync. No change. I wonder if my Versamail is still trying to fetch mail........
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    Is your network connectioin staying active (green arrows constantly on?)
    You can try deleting Chatter completely... reinstalling... do a soft reset immediately after the install and see if that helps.
    What version Chatter are you running?
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    I am running the latest version and I do not see any green arrow.
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    Nevermind. Found green arrows.
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    Please send a log of an hours' usage; it's probably something obvious.


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