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    I posted this yesterday in response to another question but think it is such a cool app it deserves its own thread.

    The following URL was sent to me from a developer friend who sells his applications on Palm's Addit. It is the new Treo Edition Addit beta which now includes the full Reuters news service with 80 stories updated every hour. These stories are not stripped down RSS feeds. I have been playing with it for a few hours and it is very cool. There is a free basic weather service and I am told that you will be able purchase a premium version when they release the final version

    My friend tells me that Palm is integrating a free map service with sports, movies and 411. I like FREE!!!!

    The URL is This downloads the Addit installer exe file. Maybe someone can post a link for MAC users with just the handheld files as this version can be updated wirelessly or via PC desktop hot sync.
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    Thanks for the link! I really miss Reuters News (used to have it with AvantGo before it got bloated). I notice that Addit has a lot of other stuff. Do you know what is safe to delete? Is there a safe way to remove the "My Treo" and "Shopping" parts? Also, can it be run from the SD card? I notice that in the Addit Sync window, there is an option for "Debug" which allows a "Slot" option, but selecting it didn't seem to put the content on the SD card.
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    i installed it too. It is cool and a good alternative to avantgo
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    I emailed and this is the reply I received 30 minutes later. Pretty impressive for the mother ship if you ask me!

    'Thanks for your enquiry regarding Addit.

    Our goal is to provide an excellent free content service out of the box for our customers. We have partnered with some of the leading content brands including Reuters and Accuweather. Other services will be integrated into Addit over the coming months.

    While we all like free, Addit needs to support these services through the sale of software from the ‘Shopping’ section of Addit. The installation of trial applications is greatly simplified and I would encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already done so. Purchasing directly from your handheld is easy, safe and secure. We only partner with the best developers and test all software listed.

    Addit provides its customers with other features including exclusive offers and automatic update services. Many developers are now integrating Addit based functions into their own applications allowing them to automatically update their customer’s applications.

    I should make clear that there is no requirement to purchase anything through Addit in order to enjoy its free content services.

    If you have any suggestions on how we can improve Addit please email me.'
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    Palm has expressed great interest in developing or encouraging "data hungry" applications. This looks like it may be one of them. Keeps their carrier-clients happy, I imagine, so they don't mind giving it away. Of course, if you don't have an unlimited plan, it aint gonna be free in the end.
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    Interesting. How big is the application with downloaded news and weather? How does it compare to Handmark's Express? Does it download news/weather in the background?
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    Can it be installed on the SD card?
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    Answering various questions on this thread.

    It doesn't appear that Addit can be run from the SD Card. This would certainly be a nice feature. I am going to put together a wishlist of features and content that I would like to see and send it all to Palm. If anyone has any good ideas please post away.

    The overall size is 1.2MB I guess this includes the software catalog (quite extensive) and the various content. There are actually some cool tips and tricks and a guide that is worth reading.

    You can download the news and weather updates either via hot sync or wirelessly. I have an all you can eat data plan from Sprint so using the wireless is not an issue for me. The hot sync path will help people wanting to download trial software from Addit but without loading their wireless account. It appears that the news update is about 200K for 80 stories (looking with Palm insider I can see the PDB that was updated).

    I have never installed Express so I can't give you a comparison. Express is a non starter for me as paying for news that I can view for free on my laptop is just not an option. I don't mind being exposed to a bit of advertising, if that is in exchange for free news. I think Palm is going down the right track with Addit.
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    I think AvantGo is still the better choice for Reuters News. I'm able to load the content on my SD card and run the AvantGo app off the SD card (using Launcher X's "Shortcut" feature, Hotsyncing still works)--this approach still takes about 1.5+ MB but AvantGo's content choices are much broader.
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    If you are interested in an application that is like AvantGo, but much more customizable, try Plucker. It's opensource freeware too.

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    I was an avid Avantgo user but just got sick of it taking 5 minutes to hot sync everytime. What was particularly annoying was that if you hot sync twice in quick succession you would still get the full load again with the long delay even though the content was identical. I don't know why they haven't fix this issue.

    I would like to see Palm offer multiple news sources through Addit and would think that this was a natural for them. I have added this suggestion to my list.
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    Did we determine whether it downloads wireless news updates in the background (like Chatter with email), while the phone is off or while you are using another application?
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    You can launch the wireless update function manually by tapping a small icon (I stumbled on this by mistake and Palm could do a better job highlighting this option icon).

    I haven't found any scheduling functionality although interestingly another application that is starting to get some chatter on the boards called Central actually allows you to schedule Addit wireless updates. This is very cool as I can get it to update at 7:00am ready for me to read on my way to work. I don't know why Palm would not build this in to Addit. Seems a bit stupid to have to buy another application to handle the updates.

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