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    Have tried far too many bluetooth headsets but thought I would try one more, the HBH-610. This may well be THE ONE! Took the ear hook off since it displaces the earpiece to the apparently perceived as normal weird Sony preferred postion that reduces volume to the point that it is not useable in a noisy environment. Did put on the Slicsound earpiece (, which fits nearly perfectly, and now must turn the volume DOWN! Imagine that! Highly recommend this combination. 610 picks up call immediately and I am told that I sound the best on this one of all that I have tried.
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    Where did you purchase your HBH-610 from and how much did it cost? I'm about to buy the HBH-662 but after reading the specs of the 610, its very appealing!
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    Got it at for $89.00. Still love the combination after several days use!
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    Just ordered one from for $124.90 Overnight shipped to Hawaii. I'm going to be using it for a business trip from Wednesday to sunday so I'll comment back on how I liked it. It'll be my first headset purchase but my second headset I've used (tried the sony hbh-600).

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