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    Hi all, I'm a long time lurker but I have two questions that the user guide does not address.

    1. I understand that the call log can be shortened to a finite time period. I have progressed from the Treo 300/600/650 and all of my calls for the last 3+ years afre still in the log (I assume taking up valuable memory). How do I purge or control the call log?

    2. My company just installed Good Systems on my set to allow email, and now my schedule (alarms) appear to be duplicated. Do I stop Hotsync'ing and let the Good software manage the updates? Also Good has control of my contact list serach in which appears to me more cumbersome than before.

    As always thanks in advance for any and all advice.
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    To purge the call log, go to the the call log, then from the menu: Record -> Purge

    I don't know about #2. Sorry.
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    Duh, that was easy. Thanks much!

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