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    Anyone can give me some feedback about minbud of boxwave?
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    I bought the boxwave minibud (2.5mm connector) about a month ago, but I have only used it a few hours (haven't coughed up the dough for a 2GB SD card yet), so take my impressions with a grain of salt.

    I think the sound quality is quite good. No, they are not as good as the Grado SR60 I use in the office, but I wasn't really expecting that. I did bring them into a local stereo shop to compare them with a couple of other ear buds while using my Treo 600 (a Sennhesier extra bass something and a Creative something - both around $20-40) and I couldn't tell any significant difference. If anything the minibuds were as good or better than the other two - although the Sennhesier did have clearer, stronger bass. The minibuds were "clear enough" and had good reproduction of jazz acoustic bass as well as electric rock.

    I like the comfort of the minibuds just fine - the soft pads are squishy enough so that the buds fit in my small-medium size ears just fine, however I don't use them while running or exercising, so I can't comment on well they stay put under excessive jiggling.

    The wind up reel for the cord works fine and makes it very easy to store, however the weight of the reel, while extremely light, is heavier than the cord, so it tends to swing a bit and bounce while walking (a very _minor_ problem).

    The one real complaint I have, is that I would like the cord to be about 3-6 inches longer. I keep my Treo in my pants front pocket, and it's a tight reach to my ears, even when I put the Treo in upside down (headphone jack facing up), and I am only 5' 9" tall.

    All told I am quite happy with the boxwave minibuds and think they were worth the price.

    However, once I get around to getting a larger SD card and start listening to music more often, I might try the Sennhesier PX100 foldable headphones as a compromise between better sound and somewhat reduced portability.

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