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    Anyone else get this SMS message?

    From:No Caller ID
    Date: 10/6/05 8:04 am

    Dial *2 on your Spring PCS phone to download an important service update for free. Wait for a brief message. Once completed, hang up.

    I dialed *2 and just got regular cust service. Is this real? What does it do?


    Update - It is for real. You have to stay on the line and the automated voice will tell you if you need the update. Takes about a minute. Still don't know what is actually being updated though.

    Anyone know?
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    There was a new PRL released (20216), but I believe that's only for EVDO devices.
    *2 is how you can get PRL updates from Sprint when they are released.
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    I just did a revision by going ##data, menu, update vision profile to see if it would update me to 20216 and it left me at 10029. Guess your right, its not for us.
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    I got that text message last friday as well, I tried it and nothing happened.
    Jimmie Geddes

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