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    Hello all, I have been hanging around reading for a couple of days now. You have a great site and I am about to ask some questions that have likely been answered before, if this is the case please just put a link up for me. My main concern is email and I have been overwhelmed with information regarding email. I assumed it would be as easy as setting up then I would be off and running! But I was WRONG! Versamail might work for few days but ends up either rebooting when I access it or when I attempt to retrieve. Therefore I have began to look around here on TreoCentral and discovered Snapper and Chatter and think I will go with Chatter if I can get it to send.

    My Goods
    Treo 650 (Cingular) only 3 days old
    software 1.15-CNG
    firmware 1.31
    Chatter mail (seem to like better than others) free trial for now
    Snapper mail free trial as well
    256 MB Sd card (1gb on the way)
    Scala 500 Bluetooth Headset
    HOME PC windows XP cable connection Word Outlook (left on all the time, considering some kind of forwarding to a gmail account but?)

    My Situation and Goals
    I purchased this mainly as a Cell Phone and to retrieve my email while away.
    I mainly have 2 Charter email accounts I use. I also have a gmail account but have not used it much am cosidering forwarding all of my mail there since it seems to work so well with Chatter. But if I do this how do I reply as the email message was originally sent to?

    My Questions
    Could someone explain the pros and cons of IMAP vs POP3?
    People seem to rave about IMAP which I have never heard of until a few days ago. I am considering trying this out but would like to know more before I spend any money.

    What is Push? And how does it make recieving email on my Treo a better experience?
    I keep reading about push this push that and although I consider myself somewhat Computer literate I don't know what this is

    Trouble sending with Chatter - I can send and receive great with Chatter on my gmail account but cannot with my charter account. I have read that in order to send with a charter account one needs to set the smtp to, I did this in versamail and had some luck but Versamail SUCKS and contiues to get corrupted and reset my Treo.
    I have also tried to set up the SMTP in chatter to and used my username and password but I do not think I need the user and pass for Can I use an option other than generic Pop account in Chatter to alleviate this?

    I also have a work email that is on Groupwise and wanted to know what I needed to do to access this?

    Thanks for your help and sorry for this LONG post.
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    Quickly re: sending. Charter doesn't allow use of their SMTP server off-network; you can always use Cingular's SMTP service or some other account to send...

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    Thanks Marc, I know that I can reply to an email with another account in Chatter but can I set Gmail up to appear that the reply came from my charter account instead of my gmail account? I see in SMTP setting it looks like I can but this may also not work?

    Thanks again
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    You can do that with MANY SMTP servers, but offhand I don't know about Gmail. I know that, fastmail, and fusemail allow arbitrary return addresses.

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    Thanks again Marc. I did get it to work. I have both of my pop accounts forwarded to gmail account and my gmail account can reply and appear to be my charter. Works great.

    Couple of quick questions:

    Having trouble deleting messages? I hit Delete and it stays it seems that if I do this several times and then log in it will delete from fone and server.

    Is there anyway to just delete a message off of my fon?

    Can I set up folders to organize? maybe store some of them on my Memory card? I noticed that if I had "store new messages on card" Checked that a message would disapear after I replied to it?

    Is there some functionality missing until I pay? and can I pay with paypal?

    Thanks again Marc
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    I see you do take Paypal and now I am officially a paying customer
    C Scott Miller
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    When you delete, the delete doesn't actually happen until the next time you sync (at which time, it's also deleted off the server).

    There's NO treo-only deletion now, but local folder support is coming soon.


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