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    Hi, I am hoping to find an app (free) that allows me to jot down notes via the keyboard and save them automatically for a later time - a lot of times I don't have the chance to open Agendus and jot down tasks, thoughts, etc, so an app that would allow quick note taking would be helpful.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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    Okay, I'll tackle this one.

    How about "Memos"? It comes on the Treo so it's free.

    You can set up the side button to open it.
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    I was hoping for one separate program rather than going thru datebook and memo app -
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2
    I was hoping for one separate program rather than going thru datebook and memo app -
    Not really sure what you mean or want. You just open Memos and select new and start typing. Datebook is another app.
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    You can use the native Memo app, as these guys have suggested, without going through Agendus.

    If that isn't what you want, you can use daMemoPad if you have a DA launcher. It gives you pop-up window access to the Memo DB, so you can access the same memos through daMemoPad, native Memo, or Agendus, whichever suits your needs at the moment.
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    A great app for you, but not free, is Slap!
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    There are literally tons of memo alternative for palmos. Search freewarepalm and palmgear for more info. Also there are various text editors like DTg (bundled on the Treo and SiEd which are free...
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