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    I have searched without success, but I'm sure this question has come up before.

    My Kyocera 7135 allowed me to tap the phone icon after hanging up a phone call that interupted something I was doing in a palm application and it would take me from the phone screen to the palm app where I left off.

    Does the 650 have a similar function. I haven't found it and it is driving me nuts. Especially after I have entered all the data on map quest. Get a call. Have to go back and start from scratch with map quest.

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    You can try Butler ( Enable the Volume Button feature in the Navigation section, in Switch App mode. After call (or even during the call), press the Home key, then the Volume Down key. The during call feature works best if you are talking on a headset. You can always hang up the call from within other apps by pressing the red phone (power) key, whether you are using Butler or not.

    Unfortunately with Butler, there is no way to use the volume keys to switch apps while in the phone application. That is why you have to first press the Home key (to get out of the phone app).

    Hope this helps
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    I use the QuickLaunch Anywhere feature in zLauncher
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    *I* know what you're talking about: I'm a former longtime 7135 user.

    Basically, on that phone the "phone app" was almost like a full-screen Desk Accessory. There was a silkscreened "phone" button that would ALWAYS switch you between the phone app and whatever you were doing on the Palm side.

    The neat thing was that the Palm App never really "shut down" when you were on the phone; it was always there RUNNING in the background. So you could be in the middle of something on the Palm, take or make a call, and then swap right back where you were in the palm side.

    This is NOT like the Treo (and I use butler too). In the treo, the phone app is a regular palm app, so when you switch, the Palm app you were in shuts down. When you return to it, it starts up as if you launched it from a launcher.

    Big difference.

    Alas, the difference is built-in, as far as I can tell.

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