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    I have just rolled back from 1.13/1.43 to the palm release 1.13/1.28. I don't know why, but I had been having many resets caused by phone/calendar amongst others. The roll back was easy. just run the gsm updater from palm.
    I have zero out reset the treo as well for good measure as it may have been infamous 3rd party programs.
    I was running, backupman, palmary clock, infosafe, slovoed, mybible, FileZ, kBlights & Tom Tom Navigator 5.12.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201
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    strange never have these problems. Rock solid here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vittogn
    any news from the Manhattan PATH? Are you still "FREEZE FREE" after the update to 1.43 fw?

    Please say yesssssss!!!!!
    Well I waited till the end of the week to post an update on my PATH experience. Remember, I only updated to fw 1.43 and I'm running a modified slimmed down version of ROM 1.13(No versa, real,tutorial,welcome,non-english lang. files).
    before: 1.43, I was running 1.31 and this is what would happen to me:
    Would start the morning with chatter running. Jump on the train, and begin watching a tv show of movie via TCPMP or listen to music via Ptunes. As the train went in and out of reception (from the speed and from the subterrain) it would slow down and freeze a bit and then comeback. Sometimes chatter would act up and try to reconnect to GPRS multiple times. And at least once a week, my treo would totally freeze up or what others call "go into slow motion", because it would respond, but it would take forever to do anything. The same thing would happen going back home, so if I remembered, I would shutdown chatter and disconnect from GPRS, and this would aleviate some of the slowdowns and total freezes, but not completely. If i left toccer running, the same thing would happen.

    After upgrading to fw 1.43, this is what happened this week:
    Started the day with chatter running. Jump on the train, and begin watching a tv show of movie via TCPMP or listen to music via Ptunes. As the train went in and out of reception (from the speed and from the subterrain), I could barely notice any delay. TCPMP would not stutter as usual. As I emerged from the PATH station and switched to Ptunes, I did not experience any total freeze ups the whole entire week. Samething going back home. I was able to just leave chatter running, since It did not complain that the GPRS connection was in and out. Please keep in mind that I have not had to soft reset this entire week(also don't use dbcache tool, I stopped a while back).

    So I think there were some significant changes made to the gsm radio software with this fw.
    This has been my take on fw 1.43 only. Please remember your experience my vary.
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    I loaded fw 1.43.
    It was impossible to have a conversation external. The other end kept hearing itself, even if I did set the volume for mic and speaker to the lowest possible.
    Maybe I have used the wrong settings: what settings (prefs or others) (I use profilecare) to do this?
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    I finally bit the bullet. Took the stripped down version w/ calculator. DTMF is far better. Phone app seems to move faster

    There is a MAJOR improvment to VFS.

    And I don't see the battery problems. Sitting at home for a day with Chattermail running and no calls has about 79% left. A bit better than normal, actually... but not statistically significant.
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    I have been running 1.43 for about two weeks and it is an improvement in the shorter tones and quicker connections.

    No reset problems, no downside.
    Unlocked -1.51---117-CNG
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    I built a customised rom using 1.43 - I moved KeySuite to the ROM (only 1 app in it didnt work). The results are fantastic by comparison. I use Goodlink, and before, if I ran any other program the Treo would reset (usually 10x resets a day - I got used to it). Now, NO RESETS! It seems that crossing over 7mb free seems to have done the trick. Now I am slimming down the ROM even more to see what results I can get.
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    What app in KeySuite didn't work? I'd like to build the same rom (unless you'd like to host it for a few minutes) :-)
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    Mine is very stable, I use DBcacheDA just to monitor Free and Max and It really cleans after opening many programs, I didn't have any Reset in a week, my battery double the life. Blazer much faster, all programs running well.

    ONLY one big complain the other part echo.

    People who made only the firmware upgrade to 1.43 also have this problem (SW1.13 fw1.43)?

    My question is if I downgrade only the firmware from 1.43 to 1.31, staying with 1.14dbg?
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    I don't have the echo. I have volumecare 4.30 installed with setting at recommended values. I also adjusted handset boost setting one notch lower.
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    On my Treo 1.43/1.14dg I don't have an echo, the other part says to me that a back noise like a echo or fart only when they are speaking to me.
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    1.13/1.43 vc 4.30 no echo here. tmobile.
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    I found the back sound problem is with 1.14dbg / fw 1.43.
    sw1.13/fw1.43 no echo, but also no clear DBcache.
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    Regarding firmware 1.43.
    Some say that with firmware 1.43 the handset volume is louder. Funny, that's what they were saying about firmware 1.31.
    I've installed 1.43 firmware only, I'm still using softare 1.13-ROW. The volume is no louder on 1.43 that it was with 1.31, 1.28 or earlier versions, it's exactly the same.
    Just as I have with all previous versions, I used my wife's 650 (1.13-ROW, FW:1.28) and dialed the exact same number on both mine and hers at the same time. I listened to hers in one ear and mine in the other, and I can tell you they are identical in loudness, clarity, sound, etc. They sound identical.

    The only difference I've found with 1.43 is that the DTMF tones dial slightly faster (which is a good thing.) Hanging and slowdowns due to loss of network connection hasn't improved at all either.

    That's my $0.02.
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    Can someone please test to see whether "Send Contact" via Messaging has been fixed with this new SW / FW? (This has nothing to do w/ the "Beam your own business card" functionality, which Palm support confuses w/ this issue). It's an incredibly "core" phone functionality that has been broken apparently since the days of the Treo 600 and has still not been fixed.

    To Test: In Contacts, Record Menu->Send Contact->Send With: Messaging

    Unsupported Format
    The messaging application does not support this type of item

    Palm Support (HK) has confirmed this as a bug; The Messaging application attempts to attach a .vCard *attachment* to an MMS, which it can't accept- therefore the "unsupported format" message. All it needs to do is to take the *text* of the vCard and dump it into a new SMS...

    From an API standpoint, is it possible to generate a new SMS message w/ prepopulated text? E.g. similar to an SMS template only w/ keyword substitution?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blocktek
    I had this problem and other multiple "low memory" errors until I HARD reset the phone. This was complicated by the fact that BackupMan wouldn't backup correctly either. I used Resco Backup (as suggested by someone else on this board...thanks!) to make a successful backup to SD card, hard reset, and restored. Now browsing works, BackupMan works, and I'm no longer getting "out of memory" messages.

    Another suggestion from this board that I tried at the same time with Blazer, was to set the "memory limit for storing pages" at 5 MB, and check "clear cache on exit". Not sure if this or the Hard reset solved the Blazer problem.
    I tried doing a hard reset and HotSyncing things back, and then tried backing up using Resco Backup (great app, btw!), doing another hard reset, and restoring from the backup, and neither solved the Blazer errors. I guess I have some third-party app causing problems, but I can't imagine what would be screwing up Blazer... I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of apps that tend to be problematic, such as VeriChat, with no improvement; I haven't yet tried hard resetting and restoring everything except problem apps from backup.

    It's a minor issue since I generally browse with graphics's not enough for me to go back to 1.28/1.13 or even 1.43/1.13 yet.

    Xiino is *not* an option; I find its rendering absolutely dreadful.

    "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. There might be a law against it by that time." -/usr/games/fortune
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    Quote Originally Posted by dennisl
    I have a new issue with the 1.43/1.14 upgrade. Is anyone else using ChatterEmail and storing their mailboxes on the card?
    I have this weird issue where sometimes when I go to look at a message, the text is blank.
    I don't store messages on SD and I saw this once or twice; I suspect it might be a Chatter thing and not a Treo firmware/software issue.

    "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. There might be a law against it by that time." -/usr/games/fortune
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    Quote Originally Posted by theadient
    Can someone please test to see whether "Send Contact" via Messaging has been fixed with this new SW / FW?
    it's not fixed.
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    after upgrading, my treo still states 1.13 instead of 1.14 even though I used the Full Rom to update.

    and now, my treo keeps resetting after doing a backup with BackupMan, and also resets after every Hotsync.

    what's going on??
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    Upgrade experience (1.14dbg/1.43) restore with BBudy
    Minor issues:
    - Lost email and account settings (no problem, resets in Versamail was one of the reasons to upgrade)
    - Bluetooth was OFF
    - Sound: when changing game sound, system sound is switched ON even though option shows Off . An on/off cycle restores system sound off.

    Have used upgrade for 2 days: no resets except with one application: TomTom. It seems this app uses as much memory as it can get (now: 12 free memory, TomTom version info shows 1.7 left when it's active). I get a very long "white screen of death" when starting this app. Long means: 3-5 sec, then sometimes a regular start, most times a reset or hang.

    By accident I discovered a remedy for the WSOD when starting TomTom. Quick Tour also has a prolonged white screen (as startup has after many resets).
    However, TomTom runs much better when first starting Quick Tour, then press the app button then start TomTom. Actually I had no resets at all and the first time I tried TT without quick tour I got an immediate WSOD and a reset!
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