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    i'm sure this has been posted/noted many times before but i'm going to post this anyway.

    has anyone else noticed any differences between the 600a and the 600b? right now in the room with me i have about 7 treo 600's and they all have their unique little problems. The ones that have the worst problems are the palmone's. The infamous orange spots and the constant loss of signal. The palmone's also have speaker problems. none of the handsprings do.

    (if anyone knows how to fix these i'd love to know)

    so- are there any real differences? when i hold the palmone it seems a little bit lighter and the camera is so muhc better quality than the handsprings.

    whateveri'm just frusterated that most of these are all broken.
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    i asked a similar question recently

    lucky u found a handspring t600? i have been trying to find a dead handsprinf one with a good shell because i am a handspring freak and my t600 has the palmone logo on it

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