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    sorry to sound like a noob. unfortunately i have no choice. i just got my treo not to long ago. great phone, i got it for cheap. but i havent had the chance to learn all the features and capabilities. thus i wanted to at least get some games for it for the time being. i had a guy IR me 2 games but i wanted to try an get some on my own and get some whenever i felt like it. i figured here was a good place to ask and get school'd on it. any info will help guys.
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    if u head over to and click on the software button on the top itll bring u to the games.
    u can also try (i think) games on there as well, although they arent great!!
    if you wanna play nes and snes, gameboy, genesis, do a search on here for ljp. u can get that as well but u MUST have a SD card to use it.
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    you can also use the search here... there are a few good threads listing favorite games

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