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    oh man are there a lot of BlueTooth headsets to choose from. I am very confused, so I bought three to test them and take back the ones I don't like. I am very confused with these. The Jaba seems to automatically jump to headset (earphones icon) whereas the Motorola and Sony you have to push the button to get the headset to hear (even when it is flashing on already)

    My questions are:

    1) Which headset is the loudest for use in cars and noisy places.

    2) Which headset is the most clear for others to understand you.

    3) Which headset lasts the longest.

    4) Which headset will work with a VOICE DIAL (and what voice dial program). I want to use the headset to initiate a Voice Dial call

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    A good comparison of 8 BT headsets here:

    None will initiate voice dialing as it's a Treo issue and not with the headsets. You have to initiate from the handset and when it starts dialing, will connect to the headset.
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    As Scottymomo sates, it's a Treo issue. The HS850 with the correct handset does voice initiation, last number re-dial, et cetera. Ben
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    Please read my post here about static aand various headsets:
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    Quote Originally Posted by VZW650
    Please read my post here about static aand various headsets:
    yeah, yeah, we've read all your complaints.

    please move the headset to your other ear and then leave us alone.

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