I had posted inquiring about opinions about Quo Vadis when used with a GPS and a Visor Deluxe. Well, I bought/subscribed to Quo Vadis(http://www.marcosoft.com) and an Etrex GPS (http://www.garmin.com/products/etrex/).

I used the Etrex for a couple of months before using it with Quo Vadis on a VDX. The Etrex is definitely a great value ($90 via auctions) and is a good compromise of size vs battery life vs capabilities.

WaC - a frequent poster on VC made me the cables for connecting the Etrex to VDX. I definitely recommend the independent GPS vs the SpringBoard GPS. It allows the VDX to be safely positioned and the GPS to lay on a vehicle dashboard where the sun could ruin the VDX.

I used Etrex + Quo Vadis + VDX on a trip to Oregon this month. My comments:
Performed exceptionally well. Battery lasted for a week of on and off usage everyday.
Worked well. Battery lasted me for the entire week even while connected to the Etrex and running Quo Vadis.

Quo Vadis:
Downloaded QV and the maps for Oregon. Used the IR sync on a Mac PowerBook 400 to sync all the Oregon maps to the counties I was visiting.
* the map sizes were incredibly small
* almost all the counties in Oregon took only about 4 MB of VDX memory.
* maps were very accurate
* map refresh was incredibly quick and smooth when scrolling
* moving from one county map to another did not cause any problem
* did I mention the maps very incredibly small for the detail they showed?
* inability to locate addresses. You have to know the intersection.
* very often the road name or intersection does not show accurately even when you know it intersects on the ground.
*cannot locate roads and intersections across maps. You have to know which county/city map it is located on.
*no turn-by-turn directions are possible.
* A little arrow shows the direction your destination is but not how "far" it is. This is a must-have feature.
* locating cities on counties is a trial and error approach. There must be a better way.
* a software should be provided by marcosoft that acts as a conduit to manage the maps on the VDX. It is difficult to figure out which maps are there and then delete the unwanted ones and then load the necessary ones - again a "must-have" feature to make it easier to sync with the Palm OS.

That's it. I think the two occasions Etrex + Quo Vadis + VDX saved me when I had started driving in the wrong directions; paid for the Quo Vadis price easily. I would recommend Quo Vadis over any other GPS Mapping software in the market. If you do not want GPS support, there are others - but the very smooth interaction of the GPS with the software is its best asset.