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    So, it would appear there's no equivalent of AutoShift Hack / ShiftHack for Palm OS 5? The auto-capitalization feature really annoys me and I wish I could disable it as on Palm OS 3.x.

    I've done a bunch of searching and haven't found any software for Palm OS 5 that does this. Also tried TealMaster with AutoShift Hack, but unfortunately GrfSetState() is not one of the traps it supports.

    Anyone know of any solution?
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    this does the job, appears to be freeware.
    pretty high overhead, though.
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    Awesome! Thanks, doomsey! Should have asked here a long time ago.

    In case anyone else is reading this, the source for BlokAtShft (Block Auto-Shifting) is:

    You can use Babel Fish to translate the Japanese README, but there's not much to read -- it's very plug 'n' play.

    Also, if indeed this utility has significant overhead, it has not been noticeable to me yet.
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    Specifically, it uses a relatively inefficient mechanism for hooking the event queue. (This has been discussed to death on the PalmInternals thread.) Furthermore there's some... interesting coding decisions that make it even slower than it otherwise has to be; it does work on all events, even ones that are clearly irrelevant.

    Performance impacts are probably similar to, or maybe a bit worse than, the original version of Keycaps. It can be pretty noticable in certain applications. One of these days I might fix it up to be faster, or write something more efficient that does the same job, but so far I haven't gotten around to it.
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    Gotcha. Thanks for the heads-up on the overhead. If I ever notice an app being annoyingly sluggish I'll have to remember to try disabling BlokAtShft to see if it speeds up.

    Glad to hear that someone with the knowledge to improve on Mr. Sekino's code has had their eyeballs on it.

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