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    A guy at work bought this card for his sons PSP, and wants to sell it to me for my treo.

    Will it work?

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    will he let you try it out?
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    If it's Sony, it's guaranteed to be a Memory Stick pro duo and not a SD card. It won't work with the Treo.
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    As far as I know the ProDuo is a Sony Memory Stick and won't work.
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    its an after market brand but im sure its a pro duo.
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    will not work.

    treo takes secure digital cards (SD)
    PSP uses Memory Stick Pro format(sony's proprietary format)

    memory stick will not work on treo.

    only SD cards will.
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    It wont work and your mixing the SD (Serial Digital) with Pro Duo which is sony's memory stick. The only resemblence is in size.

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