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    I can't seem to figure out if and how MissingSync will backup photos from the Treo650. Or sounds I record with the soundrecorder.

    In Missing sync, there is a "media" conduit, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    Anyone know how to do this besides connecting separately with the missing sync app on the phone and dragging them over? (i.e. a way that it works to back up photos and etc during a hot sync...)
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    In iPhoto select the photos you want to place on your Treo, then choose "export" from the menu. In the Export dialogue box choose Palm format, click export, then sync. The Photos will be resized for the Treo and placed there.
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    I don't know about sound files, but to find your photos and movies look here for movies:
    home/movies/palmone videos/"your user name"/internal (for movies in the palm ram) or expansion card

    and here for photos:
    home/pictures/palmone photos/"your user name"/ (same as above internal or expansion card)

    The folders titled "palmone videos" and "palmone photos" may also be labeled just "palm videos" and "palm photos"
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    Also Clarko, make sure you are running Missing Sync 5

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