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    I have a 650 from Cingular that was working fine until recently. I installed a security update on my Mac a couple weeks ago, and immediately started having problems syncing the phone - it would eventually work, but I had to try a few times in order for it to sync correctly (this happened each time I wanted to sync). Recently, there was another update that seems to have created a new problem - or maybe it's coincidental. After syncing up after the new update, the phone reboots everytime I select the calendar.

    Is there a software patch to fix this?
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    Search for dbScan. It is a utility to remove corrupt records in the Calendar and other databases.

    Ask back if you need help location or running it..

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    Also try "Desktop overwrites Palm" option when you sync, which might get ride of a corrupt entry.
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    I think I unchecked "Enable" Local Time or something like that when I was having that problem.
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