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    I'm looking to buy a working serial cable for a treo 650 to use butpim and qpst so i can change the PRL

    i;ve looked at the cables from and PN they are not even near what the one looks like on the direction on how to make one

    please someone email me :

    or PM me

    if you know any other way to change the PRL please email me back, i can't do *228 as my carrier does not support that feature
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    What carrier are you converting to? You can not convert to sprint or verizon anymore, neither will accept phones other than their own.

    If you still are interesting, I have ONE cable left before I am done with them completely...
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    shadowmite i have a sprint treo 650 from sprint but my carrier, is not sprint, i live here in bowling green, ky and use a small carrier called BLuegrass cellular i need to change the first sid in the prl to 1280 it does not matter what the res is in the PRL

    the phone is working right now active on my BlueCell account but i just cant get on a blue cell tower as the prl from sprint is still there, i need a cable

    so the phone works i just need a calbe so i can edit the PRL with the service programming software

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