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    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a Motorola HS850 for use with my Treo 650. While I am generally very happy with its operation, there is one thing that really bugs me, and I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered it. When I place a phone call, the call does not automatically transfer to the headset. I have to place the call, then press the MF button on the headset. Sometimes I forget, and the person on the other end is wondering what's going on. When I receive a call, it's no problem to answer using the headset. Just making calls is what doesn't work too smoothly... any thoughts?

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    Thats the way the 850 works. It doesn't autoconnect like other headsets do
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    ...have the auto pickup?
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    Try a search for 'em but I think I read on here the sony one's do.
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    Treo Wireless headset does as well.

    Check out:
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    bnewall1 i just got the hs850 yesterday as well. I have been generally satisifed. there are some minor static issues for me but nothing that severe. My HS850 doesn't autoconnect either, I have to initiate the call on the treo then hit the MFB to connect the headset.
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    It's not the HS850, it's the Treo 650's bluetooth implimentation. If you use something like a Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter, it transfers automagically. If you use it on a Nextel i605 (which I now use), it transfers automagically. It just so happens that the Treo 650's implimentation does not support a lot of functions as well as other systems do. It's the 650's poorly implimented bluetooth that sent me to another phone. As for static, it was there with the 650 (tried it for a couple of days) and just barely there with the Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter. With the Nextel i605, no static within 20 feet of it. Ben

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