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    I was using my Treo 600 with my PC for months now with no problems. I recently switched to Mac and have had nothing but problems. I installed the original Palm Desktop and it wouldn't sync. So I updated to 4.1 and still couldn't sync. Now I even tried installing the latest version with 4.2.1 Rev D, and still I have no hot sync. I press the button on my treo cable and it just sits there. Is there anyone who has had this problem and can give me a solution.
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    I use a mac, and just had to replace my usb sync/charge cable that I use with my laptop, no idea why it went bad. but the new one works fine.
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    If it worked fine on your PC and you just moved it over to the Mac and now it doesn't work out of the blue like that it is likely you need to tweak what you've got going on somehow. Mine has never failed w/the Mac, so can't suggest what to try right off the bat right now. Any other takers?

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    I had the same problem, which was PDANET for the TREO 300 which was installed on my computer previouslyand would not allow the hotsync to work. As soon as i erased pdanet for the treo 300, it hotsynced immediately.

    The pdanet for the treo 600 will work fine.

    Take care.
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