Hi! I've never posted on this forum before but the information I found here was invaluable in helping me get ActiveSync correctly working on my Exchange Server. I just wanted to share my success with the forum in hopes that it may help others in setting up ActiveSync.

After attempting to resolve my 500 Server errors with all of the suggested fixes on this forum and all of the fixes found in countless knowledge base articles from Microsoft and Palm to no avail, I decided to make a fresh start. I found this Microsoft KB article on re-creating the Exchange Server Virtual Directories.


Before proceeding to re-create these Virtual Directories, I backed up the existing virtual directories. After following the steps outlined in the above KB article, I was immediately able to ActiveSync over port 80.

Once I confirmed that I was able to ActiveSync over port 80, I turned SSL on for all of the Exchange virtual directories. I tried to ActiveSync over port 443 and received a 403 Forbidden error. To fix that, I followed Method 2 of the Microsoft KB article listed below.


This solved my 403 Forbidden error and now I'm successfully able to ActiveSync my Treo 650 over SSL. I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.