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    Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to sync remotely with my Omnisky?

    I think it would be neat if I could put the IP address of my computer in, and it would sync with the wireless modem.

    Any ideas?
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    This isn't exactly what you asked for, but try

    Click on the link "Devices currently supported by fusionOne" and it looks like Omnisky is supported.

    If you try this, post a message with your results!
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    FusionOne doesn't support for my contacts. You can only sync with Outlook or the palm desktop.
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    You can use the hotsync app that came with the Visor.

    1) Right click on the hotsync app and select network.
    2) Right click on it again and go to setup, click the network tab and select a user.
    3) On the Visor open the hotsync app and select modem.
    4) Then from the drop down menu select modem sync prefs select network.
    5) Then go to Primary PC Setup and put the IP address of your computer in.
    6) Under conduit setup, select the apps you want sync
    7) Then hit the Hotsync button in the middle, and it should work.

    Hope this helps.

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