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    I have a noobe question. If I HotSync my friend's Treo, flash it with the latest software, and then HotSync it again, will it put back all of the old email and settings, or will they lose the old email and have to re-enter the email settings?
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    I don't know Hotsync, but resco explorer or backup or other backup programs will restore versermail settings and emails back. Resco explorer trial edition is full function, in case you never use it before.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    A hotsync is a full back up of your PDA or TREO. If you hard reset (or are following the ROM update instructions) you momentarily end up wit a "clean" out of the box Treo (except the ROM upgrade is still there). The next hotsync will ask what userid you wish to restore to the device (in case you have more than one person/device). That hotsync will restore that person's settings, software and data.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    OK. Thanks. Just so you know, it won't back up all third party software, because I did a HotSync for a friend of mine, and it did not backup some software that he had bought: Trivial Pursuit, some Poker game, some Chess game, and something else.

    Also, can I flash it with a Mac as well, or is PC better?

    And how does one set up a HotSync for the cable, and then change it back to bluetooth. Right now, it is set for a bluetooth HotSync.
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    And is it really necessary to have it plugged in to the wall when flashing even if it has a full charge?
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    Yes, if it's unplugged and something happens to the charge you turn your treo into a door stop.

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