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    Sorry Guys.
    I tried Hot Syncing for the first time and was hoping it would ask me my preferences before actually syncing, but I missed something or it just went ahead and did everything.
    For one, I only wanted to sync my Calendar.
    -Now I have a whole bunch of Contacts in my phone I dont want.
    How can I get rid of them without having to manually delete them?


    -My Outlook Contacts and Calendar appear on my phone but not in the Palm Desktop.
    I assumed when it synced it would update the phone and palm desktop.

    Again, sorry for the newb question, but anything you can do to help me out would be appreciated.
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    Ok, just deleted all the contacts out of my Treo.
    If I wasnt good with the stylus before, I AM NOW.

    Id still like to get help getting my Outlook Contacts and Calendar into my Palm Desktop.

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    You get the choice to sync with Outlook OR Palm desktop but not both. If you want the stuff out of Palm desktop, run the installer again (or find outlookswitcher.exe and run it with the command /palm).
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    Is there any way to import my Calendar and Contacts from Outlook to the Palm Desktop?

    Which do you prefer?

    Im leaning toward outlook because the Calendar has more color "highlight" options.
    But unfortunately these options dont show up on my treo anyway.
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    To synch outlook with Palm Desktop you will need a third party util, such as:

    For a more robust calendar on your Treo, you will guessed it...a third party app. There are LOTS of choices, some cheap, some not. Search palmgear and freewarepalm websites. Also, search these forums. To get you started....many folks like datebook5....
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