The new G4850M Car Kit from Seidio is the answer for my needs. It has successfully addressed the inadequate built-in speaker volume of it's predecessor, the G2500. I was disappointed with the G2500 and don't recommend it.

The new G4850 has done away with one of the wires extending from the unit thanks to the built in and upgraded GPS unit. Speaking of GPS, it connects considerably more quickly than the G2500 unit.

It installs easily and works just as advertised. Nice form factor and shade lighter in color from the old unit. Construction is sturdy and it appears that all mounting equipment is the same as the 2500. It takes a good squeeze to dock the unit. Once it snaps in place it there and sturdy - perhaps a little too sturdy. It's more difficult to remove than the 2500. It may loosen a bit after I break it in. Jury's out.

The dash mount bracket is flimsy and inadequate. The gooseneck with window suction cup is ideal for me. I coiled mine up and mounted next to the rear view mirror. Works perfect.

I use the mapopolis software which connected without issue.

The two "disappointing" issues are
1. The phone snaps in to the cradle so secure that it's difficult to undock - (edit: It's gotten easier after a full days use)
2. No built in microphone. I would have loved to reduced the "tentacles" by two instead of one.

Future suggestions would be
1. Built in microphone
2. Available portable power source to take the GPS with you on foot.

If you like need an all in one option, this is a good one.