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    I posted about this in another thread but thought it might deserve it's own.

    I was installing a few games this morning on my Treo 650. I installed a version of Backgammon, Chess & Yahtzee all without problem. Then I installed Realm Walker but now when I press the 'Home' button the Treo resets.

    I performed a hard reset and the Treo works fine. I synced the Treo and now pressing 'Home' forces a reset. I realized it must be backing up the files from my hard drive so I performed another hard reset, removed Realm Walker from the Backup folder and then synced again. Pressing 'Home' still initiates a reset.

    Realm Walker was the last program I installed and everything was working before so I am unsure why it's still resetting. Is there something else to delete? It was only one file so there shouldn't be anything left unless there's another location for backups I should check.

    Suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Try this: reinstall Realm Walker and use the delivered Application Launcher's App/Delete menu to remove it from your machine...then perform a soft reset.
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