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    I'm sure it's been discussed here before, but how long should my battery last in my Cingular (GSM) Treo 650? I charged it just before lunch, around 11:45, and it's just now 2:45 and I've played with it a bit and made a few calls and it's already down to 86%. I had one about 6 months ago and I think I got about a day out of it, does that sound right? Is there anything I can do to make the battery last longer? Like some kind of app killer? I don't run bluetooth all the time either, only when I'm in my car.

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    Not sure whether disabling bluetooth discovery would help. Just want to run it by you to see if you tried that already.
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    Stuff that could affect battery life:
    -Screen Contrast
    -Talk Time
    -Backgrounds programs
    -Bluetooth (Discoverable off? )
    -IR Recieve off
    -Webpage Usage
    -Internet Apps
    Treo 650 (Sprint)
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    I guess it's too early to make any judgments on the battery life... 4 hours later with only one call and a couple appointment look ups and it's now only down to 83%, so I guess I just need to wait for the new to wear off so I stop playing with it as much to make a valid judgment on battery life.

    Oh yeah, how do you make the bluetooth not discorverable? I've looked in the bluetooth settings and I haven't even truned it on since I've had it (but I will on the way home tonight), doens't bluetooth have to be on to be discoverable?
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    I use the Audacity Voice Recorder which is pretty processor intensive recording lots of data to the SD card and I can get over 6 hours of recording on a single battery charge. This is much better than any other PDA, either Palm or Pocket PC that I have ever used.
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    I second the idea that the Screen brightness is a big impact on battery life. As long as you're inside turn it all the way down & you should see a pretty good benefit if you do screen-on stuff a lot...
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    My original battery is also losing more power. I have Bluetooth off, Snapper running in background, and I don't really make/receive many calls. I just decreased the brightness of my screen. The battery is currently at 69%---which is highly unusual.
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    Hey folks!

    If you have a battery that is 'less-than-stellar' in performance, you might want to try auxiliary power like a battery extender. I have experience with two of them and you can read about them in my post at the 1SRC Forums
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    I have to usage modes
    1. Phone. If I am using the treo as just a phone, no data connection, no bluetooth, just make and receive calls as normal, as well as PIM functions, I probably get a day and a half of battery life.

    2. Treo. If I am using the treo to it's full extent, data on almost always, listeng to mp3's (including streaming from the net), browsing, playing nintendo games as well as the phone and PIM stuff I get about a day out of it.

    If I charge it in the morning I've never had it run out by the time I'm ready to plug it in again at night, although I have been in the red.
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    Well, it's now 35 hours since my full charge and I'm at 26%. So I guess my battery is holding up pretty good!! I figured I'll charge it tonight or tomorrow when I get to work. I've used it about 1:45 hrs as a phone and even watched about 20 minutes of a movie just to see what it lookes like and I've surfed the web about an hour or more too. So I think I'm going to be ok with the battery that came with it for now.

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